Life’s Best Moments happen when you’re enjoying time with your loved ones, not when you’re staring at a screen. So start the year off right – engage with your family with these fun ideas for some quality face-to-face time playing games, making dinner and more!


Game night

Start the new year off with something easy. Game night! Dust off the board games – Monopoly, Connect 4, UNO, Clue. These games are classics because they’re easy and fun for all ages!

Don’t have any board games? A game of charades is easy to pull off without much preparation. Have each family member write out their “favorites” in five basic categories like movies, songs, food, sports and book – or click here to print and go!

Other great board games you may not have heard of:
• Apples to Apples – both the regular version and the Disney version (easier for little ones)
• Spot it!
• HedBanz

Make your-own-pizza night

Make your-own-pizza night can be as easy as some store bought crust and a few creative toppings. Let everyone in the family make their own, and have a taste-off to see whose is best. No matter who wins, each person gets exactly what they want for dinner, and the phones, tablets and computers stay off!

Not sure what you’ll talk about around the table? Use these topics for some interesting (and hilarious) conversation.

At-home cooking not quite your style? Go to a restaurant and leave your phones in the car (but be sure to keep them hidden). It’s amazing how you can connect when you’re not updating your status.


More ideas

Make it a Tech-Free Tuesday for everyone:
• Go ice skating at Fountain Square
• Write and decorate thank you cards for holiday gifts
• Take a brisk stroll through a nearby park with a friend
• Sign up for a weekly yoga class
• Take a couples cooking class at Jungle Jim’s International Market
• Volunteer at a local animal shelter
• Lego building contest! Each family member has 15 minutes to come up with their best creation.
• Karaoke sing off
• Listen to live music at Northside Tavern or MOTR Pub
• Enjoy a mid-week date night at Know Theatre or The Aronoff
• Volunteer at a local animal shelter
• Enjoy some of the unique activities Greater Cincinnati has to offer