Springtime family time is in full bloom this month with these
Tech-Free Tuesday ideas. From planning and planting a garden to keeping a backyard nature journal, you’ll spend plenty of time outdoors soaking in the beautiful weather and sharing Life’s Best Moments together.



Plan and Plant a Garden

This month is the perfect time to plant a garden! It doesn’t have to be elaborate, and you don’t have to even start things from seeds – you can easily pick up a few plants like some herbs, peppers and tomatoes at a local greenhouse and bring them home for a night of planning and planting! Whether you have a container garden on your porch or a more traditional plot in the yard, you and your family can reap the tech-free benefits of tending and harvesting for months to come!



Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to give your kids and their friends something to do besides video games during the longer evenings this month. You can simply print out lists of things they can find in the neighborhood or in each other’s houses and send them out in groups, or you can scale it down and hide toys or prizes in the backyard and provide clues your kids will have to solve in order to get from one location to the next. Watching them discover and learn or letting them go out on their own in a safe environment teaches independence, problem solving, decision making and more.



Start a Backyard Nature Journal

This is the perfect time of the year to start a family nature journal with all the trees and flowers in bloom and birds and animals visiting your backyard. Start with a big blank notebook and have everyone go out into the yard to collect an item to preserve on one of the pages – even Mom and Dad! Then create a drawing next to your collection with colored pencils, crayons or even water colors. Make sure you write where it was found in the yard and date it. Adding to your family nature journal throughout the year will make a lovely keepsake!

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Grilling out and doing yard work with my daughter.”– Michael K.
  • “Spending time with my three kids outside on the swing set or pulling them around in the wagon. I want to teach our oldest to ride her bike.” – Melissa C.
  • “I took my brothers on a bike ride. Otherwise we play board games or shoot our bows.” – Christopher C.
  • “Running through Eden and Ault Park with my friends to get for my wedding. If it’s raining I will be working on a blanket I am knitting for a pregnant friend and making center pieces with my mom for the wedding.” – Laura W.
  • “My mom and I get off work and either take my three dogs to the park or just take a long walk around the neighborhood. We love the exercise and they love just being outside with us and active.” – Stevie L.
  • “Coloring, playing dress up, puzzles and cooking with my three kids.” – Veronica G.
  • “Hiking the trails at Ft.Thomas Armory.” – Heather B.
  • “Playing baseball in the yard with the kids or board games. Eating dinner as a family at the table.” – Ryan S.