School’s out, the weather’s fine – it’s the perfect time to go tech-free with the family and enjoy Life’s Best Moments together. Go on – be silly, explore, get moving and more!



Hold an Outdoor Olympics

Play with just your family, or invite the neighbors over for an evening of competitive silliness. Choose the events from articles like this one from Real Simple, or this from Parents. Or use these fun “Minute to Win It” games. Have the kids create medals for all the events and design costumes earlier in the day, gather supplies and then let the games begin!



Go Backyard Camping

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy a night sleeping under the stars! Plus, when home’s just a yard away, you can always head back inside if things start to go south. Backyard camping is also a great way to get kids used to the idea of sleeping in a tent so you can someday take a real camping trip! Pretend like it’s the real thing and make a fire, pitch the tent, unroll the sleeping bags and play cards by lantern light!



Get Rolling!

Grab your favorite set of man-powered wheels and hit the trails! Whether it’s biking, rollerblading, skateboarding or riding a scooter, just make sure everyone’s got all the proper protective gear. Then pick up the Little Miami Scenic Bike trail at any number of locations like Avoca Park outside of Mariemont, Old Milford, Camp Dennison or Historic Loveland. Or head to Otto Armleder Park which connects to the Lunken Airport Bike Path. Northern Kentucky has great bike trials at Devou Park and Giles Conrad Park in Boone County. There’s plenty more, so go explore!


Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Enjoying the outdoors as a family! From sitting on the back porch to hiking local trails!”– Steve T.
  • “Planting a vegetable garden.” – Tina A.
  • “Hanging out in the backyard with the four kids playing baseball and soccer. Installing a tire swing soon, too!” – Joe W.
  • “We sit outside, grill dinner and have game night – winner gets to choose next week’s game.” – Michelle I.
  • “The whole family will be going on a walk together with our three dogs and then preparing dinner together!” – Janet P.
  • “I am going to start with taking a nice walk and watch the sunset. After it gets dark I’m going to sit on the porch enjoying the night air and star gazing.” – Michelle H.
  • “My daughter and I have enjoyed Cincinnati outings at the Museum Center, Reds games and restaurants!” – Shelby G.
  • “We will be going on a walk, mowing the grass, planting a garden and reading books!” – Jennifer A.


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