The August days are long and sweet, so that means there’s plenty of time to share in as many of Life’s Best Moments as you can before school starts! Get out and enjoy nature on a morning fishing trip, set up a lemonade stand to cool off during the day or spend the evening taking part in the magical and timeless summertime activity of making firefly lanterns!


Take a Fishing Trip

There are few better ways to get in touch with nature and each other than tossing out a line and sharing stories. No matter if you’re in the city, suburbs or out in the country, there’s sure to be a fishing hole within a short drive. Some great spots in the Tri-State include Sharon Woods, the Little Miami River or even your neighborhood pond (provided that fishing is permitted). The experience will be fulfilling regardless of how many you’re able to reel in!


Set Up a Lemonade Stand

All you need is a pitcher, some lemonade and a table to help your kids create their very own lemonade stand! Encourage them to make their own signs and advertise their “business” to passers-by. Stick close by to keep an eye on things and help them make correct change. They’ll love making their own hard-earned money, and you’ll love seeing the pride on their faces of a successful day on the “job.”


Light Up the Night with a Firefly Lantern

Before the sun goes down, wash and remove the labels from some large, clear glass jars. Depending on their ages, supervise your kids as they use a hammer and a nail to poke small holes in the lid. Have them choose a few twigs and leaves to put in the jars, too. Then, when the sun goes down, show them how to use their hands to carefully catch lightening bugs and place them in the jar to create a glowing lantern for their room!

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Playing basketball outside with the kids.” – Tracey R.
  • “I have a new jigsaw puzzle that I will be working on! I am ex cited to take the time to work on it!” – Erica D.
  • “My daughter and I will fix a nice dinner together and then go for a walk.” – Valerie E.
  • “Swimming in our pool we just purchased through Watson’s!” – Ginny H.
  • “Hiking with the kids at serpent mound and fort hill!” – Paula A.
  • “I’ve taught my daughter how to play rummy!” – Misty W.
  • “Going to the museum as a family and then going to lunch!” – Brittany B.
  • “Spending the day at the pool with my friends. Followed by softball games or drive-in movies, depending on what the fields look like!” – McKenzie B.

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