School’s back in swing and schedules are packed, so unwinding with the family on Tech-Free Tuesdays is even more important. Take a look at these ideas that can be spread out over a few weeks, like putting on a play or organizing a food drive. Or just take a night to dive into a new hobby. After all, no matter how much time you spend going tech-free, you’re still spending Life’s Best Moments together!



Put On a Play

Whether you play stage manager or star in your own role, putting on a play can be loads of fun for the whole family. Depending on how much time you have and how elaborate you’d like to be, this can be a multi-week Tech-Free Tuesday affair. Dedicate one night to writing the script together and assigning parts, another to designing a set and procuring costumes from things around the house and another to rehearsal. Then put on the show for grandparents, neighbors and friends!


Organize a Food Drive

Help stock up your local food pantry for the fall by organizing a food drive in your neighborhood or school. Spend your Tech-Free Tuesday working with your kids on a plan to get the word out, collect and distribute the food. One idea would be to drop off paper grocery bags at the houses in your neighborhood and ask people to fill them before you come back the next Tuesday to collect. Then take home the goods, sort and distribute them to people in need!


New Hobby Night

Everyone’s got that one thing they’ve been meaning to try, but never get around to it – even kids! Talk with your family and decide what hobby each person would like to try and then take a Tech-Free Tuesday to try it out! Whether it’s learning to crochet or watercolor, woodworking or scrapbooking, if you can do it without a phone, computer or TV, try it out!

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Making homemade chili and banana bread with my boys!” – Kaylin B.
  • “Swimming, grilling out and then walking to the corner store for an ice cream!” – Brandy M.
  • “We are going to the riverfront and playing in the new park – packing a picnic!” – Sara N.
  • “Playing games and bubbles with my three small children, and hanging out with their amazing mother.” – Frank P.
  • “The air will be cooler and drier, so it’ll be a perfect evening to sit around the fire pit!” – Mary M.
  • “Camping in the backyard, s’mores, fire and scary stories with the kids.” – Teia S.
  • “Going swimming in the pool we bought from Watson’s in ’08.” – Michael S.
  • “We play board games and have family discussions. These are things that we never did because we all have electronics, so we go back to the basics to incorporate communication. Teaching my kids right, and re-teaching me and my husband!” – Mindy S.

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