Fall is officially here! And with it comes a whole host of activities everyone in your family will love – no phones required! Head to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin and then carve them up, go to one of the many fall festivals in the area and enjoy the crisp air and a hot cup of cider, and don’t forget to plan your costumes – whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or just because it’s fun. There’s just something about fall that makes you want to spend Life’s Best Moments together!



Pumpkin Carving Night

Put some chili in the crock pot and when the kids get home from school, head out to a pumpkin patch where everyone can find their perfect pumpkin. Then, come home and gather all the supplies you’ll need – newspaper, markers, knives, big spoons, paint, candles, etc. Make it a working dinner while you enjoy your chili and help each other carve and paint silly faces or fall scenes onto their pumpkins. Don’t forget to place a candle inside and carefully light it for the full luminary effect!



Attend a Fall Festival or Haunted House

‘Tis the season for hot apple cider, pumpkin spiced baked goods, hay rides, corn mazes, bonfires, apple fritters and petting zoos. It might not be technically “Tuesday,” but bundle everyone up in cozy sweaters and hit up one of the area’s many fall festivals and haunted houses. There’s something happening every week all over the Tri-State to celebrate the season!



Plan Your Costumes

Rather than just buying a ready-made costume this year, why not try your hand at creating something from scratch? Here’s a great site full of homemade costume how-tos. Spend a tech-free evening gathering supplies and then start creating! Get everyone involved with a family theme, or have each person pick out their own character. Make sure to start this one early in the month so you’re not rushing around when it’s time for trick-or-treating!

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Having a campfire and making s’mores.” – Dennis F.
  • “Making grilled cheese sandwiches and soup with my son, then off for a game of tennis with him!” – Krista K.
  • “Playing board games and doing puzzles with the family!” – Lisa A.
  • “Relaxing on my back patio with a good book.” – Nancy M.
  • “It’s middle of hay season. I’ll spend it helping dad get the rest of hay put away for winter. Leave phone at home and grab a gallon of ice water.” – Chanel S.
  • “Walking the dogs with my son, visiting the parks, exploring new outdoor areas.” – Rachel D.
  • “After a dinner for two, we usually walk down to the pond and back, then kick back and a play a game of Cribbage. The loser gets to do the dishes!” – Yvonne B.
  • “On Tech- Free Tuesdays we dance, take a walk, build a fort and just be together as a family! We all lead busy lives that pull us in different directions with school, work and sports. Tuesdays are our day to embrace one another and remind us of the love and support we have in each other – our family!” – Jill G.

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