Fall fun has just gotten started! The season is in full swing and there’s so much to taste, see, make and do, and the best part is that you can do it together with the ones you love! So dive in to Life’s Best Moments this November!


Mother and daughter laying in tent outdoors

Build a Fort

Round up all the pillows and blankets you can find and build an epic family fort to keep out the bad guys, dinosaurs and aliens – or at least the coming winter chill! Use the dining room chairs, add a ladder or a coat rack and drape the blankets to create your secret shelter. And why not break out the Christmas lights a little early for a cozy glow? Depending on how big you build the fort, there’s no limit to what you can do! Play cards or board games, read books or just lie back and talk!


Visit the Museum

Have you been to the Cincinnati Museum Center yet this year? If you haven’t (and even if you have), this is a great time to go! The Art of the Brick exhibit is now open and it’s one you don’t want to miss! As “the first major museum exhibition to use LEGO bricks as the sole art medium,” The Art of the Brick will captivate everyone in your family. There’s also an exhibit on Big Bone Lick, a local State Historic Site and park, featuring archeological finds from the Ice Age. And of course – there’s so much more!


Frolic in the Fall Foliage

If you haven’t noticed, the trees are resplendent. They’re practically shouting the season – and begging you to come out and enjoy them! Head out for a family hike, rake up a pile just to jump in them, gather the extra beautiful leaves for crafts. And when you’re all done, start your own compost pile for your spring garden!

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Getting outside for walks or picking up a good book to read.”– Danine T.
  • “Working on a 1,000-piece puzzle and sitting in the sun when I can.”– Lori B.
  • “Organizing all of my photos and putting them in albums. They’ve been in a plastic bag for years!” – Amy G.
  • “Having dinner with my family and playing ping pong with my wife.” – David B.
  • “Finally sitting down and reading the holistic healing books I purchased quite a while ago.” – Bridgette B.
  • “Having a spaghetti dinner with my best friend and catching up.” – Olivia H.
  • “Visiting a pumpkin farm, going on a hayride and then carving pumpkins at home!” – Cody R.
  • “Taking my grandkids to the park and watching them play and swinging with them” – Janet N.

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