Cabin fever starting to set in? The good thing is that in February, there’s fun to be had both inside the house and out! Whether you’re having an adventure in the great indoors or you’re off exploring the snow-covered city, Tech-Free Tuesday is the perfect time to spend Life’s Best Moments together!


Extended family all playing board game on floor

Family Game Night

Break out your favorite cards, buzzers, spinners and boards – it’s family game night! Round up your kids, the grandparents, nieces and nephews for a night of family fun. To really sweeten the deal, set up an ice cream sundae station between rounds for a treat for everyone. Whether you’re doodling for Pictionary or sliding down Chutes and Ladders, there’s a game on this list for everyone to enjoy!


A family of four is tobogganning down a snowy hill and are laughing and smiling together.

Hit the Backyard Slopes

Everyone knows that when it snows, it’s time for some sledding! Don your parkas, gloves and scarves for a few hours of backyard fun in the snow – from sledding and snowmen to snowball fights and forts. Flat backyard? No problem! Grab your favorite sled, pack up the car and pick your favorite sledding spot from the best in Cincinnati. Don’t forget to grab the hot chocolate and marshmallows on your way home!


see the cincy sites

Really See the Cincy Sites

Winter fun isn’t limited to the indoors – there are lots of sites to be seen all around town, and they’re more visible now that the trees are bare and more beautiful covered in snow. Climb to the top of Carew Tower for a view of snowy Cincinnati or take a stroll around Devou Park to catch a glimpse of downtown. See our beloved city from every wintry angle from the most scenic overlooks in town.


Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Coloring and playing with my 3-year-old and 1-year-old.”– Megan F.
  • “We will be playing board games, using our imaginations and reading a book to unwind before bed!”– Angela C.
  • “Start planting seeds for my garden!” – Melissa J.
  • “Playing board games with my kids and eating a family dinner at the kitchen table to talk about our day.” – Nicole C.
  • “We will be baking  cupcakes and playing games like Uno and Monopoly.”– Crystal M.
  • “Making headbands and different arts and crafts.” – Jessica C.
  • “Young Professionals Choral Collective practices.” – Melissa C.
  • “I will be grading, cooking and reading.”– Nicole M.


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