Warmer weather is here to stay, which means it’s time to soak up the sun on your Tech Free Tuesdays! Ditch the screens and head outside to enjoy Life’s Best Moments with friends, family and loved ones this month. Looking to spend more quality time at home? No problem! Have your tech-free fun without leaving your front yard!


Children diversity in different costumes standing close and hug with carton drawn tower on background

Act It Out!

Write a script, gather your costumes and invite the whole neighborhood – you’re putting on a play! The front porch is the perfect setting for your theatrical masterpiece, so use this month’s Tech-Free Tuesdays to gather all the players, write the wackiest script you can, find costumes, and go door-to-door in the neighborhood to invite your audience. Set up some chairs and blankets on the front lawn, shine the spotlights, and let the show begin!

tie dye party

Get Colorful

Be the coolest and most colorful family on the block after your tie-dye party! Grab your favorite white clothing, a tie-dye kit, and some rubber bands to create swirls, stars, and psychedelic patterns to last all summer long. Are you a tie-dying novice? No worries. Get the look of a pro with these folding techniques!


Backyard BBQ

Is there really anything better than a nice night out in the backyard with great food and great company? Of course not. Gather up your family and friends, decide on a menu and fire up the grill – it’s officially BBQ season! Prep your favorite side dishes, the most refreshing beverages and throw some burgers on for a relaxing (and delicious!) Tech-Free Tuesday. Tired of the same old BBQ? Spice it up.

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Taking a walk and bird watching.”– Renee A.
  • “Square dancing from 7 to 9 every Tuesday.”– Dan S.
  • “We will be practicing baseball and softball!”– Lauren M.
  • “Going fishing with my boy!” – Lindsay P.
  • “Teaching my little one to ride her first bike.” – Jennifer L.
  • “We have Taco Tuesday together and play games!”– Nana R.
  • “Bubbles in the backyard! Maybe some bike riding if there’s time – our 2-year-old is learning how to pedal. :)” – Lauren P.
  • “Making homemade pizza and cookies with my kids after we finish their homework.” – Kaylin B.

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