The sun is out and the air smells like sunscreen – it’s officially summertime! School’s out which means more time for going tech-free on Tuesdays with family and friends. Leave the gadgets inside and head out into the sun for a full day of fun celebrating Life’s Best Moments.


Family Running Through Garden Sprinkler

DIY Summer Splash Pad

Who needs expensive water parks to make a splash this summer? Create your very own splash pad in the backyard. Unravel the garden hose, dust off the old sprinklers in the shed and let the fun flow for your next Tech-Free Tuesday. Throw an epic water balloon fight, load up the super soakers, and let the splashing begin! Double the fun by doubling the length of the slip and slide and adding an extra lane for a slippery race!

Human hands roasting marshmallows on stick

Backyard Bonfire

A warm June night practically screams for a bon fire! Gather up some firewood, think of some scary ghost stories, and invite the neighbors over for a night of tech-free fun. Grab all the fixings for s’mores and your other favorite snacks to munch on during the party. For an added tech-free fun project, grab the kids to build your own fire pit!


Good, Old Fashioned Conversation

When’s the last time you sat down with your family to have a nice chat about each other’s days? Tech-Free Tuesday is a great time to catch up! There’s always something to learn about others, even if you’ve been with them for years, and kids will enjoy the attentiveness to their feelings. Need help with topics of conversation? Try these great themes for the whole family.

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Going to the driving range with my fiancee.”– Jessica H.
  • “We are having an ice cream social for all the kids in the neighborhood for and end of school celebration!”– Lori R.
  • “Making homemade pizza, playing card and board games, and talking.”– Whitney D.
  • “Talking a nature hike with my kids.” – Amber H.
  • “Playing mini golf with my son!” – Theresa M.
  • “Softball practice with my daughter and planting flowers!”– Erika S.
  • “Taking walks, cooking dinner, and reading – my three favorite things to relax!” – Sue H.
  • “We play trivia every Tuesday evening with a group of friends!” – Connie P.

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