The slower pace of summer means it’s the perfect time to take care of those things you want to do, but just don’t seem to have the time to do during the rest of the year. So put down those screens and share some of Life’s Best Moments as you visit with family, sort through your yard sale pile, and of course – cool off with an epic pool party!



Pool Party!

It’s hot! And that means that the time is right for a pool party! If you’ve got a pool, invite the neighbors or family over for an afternoon of water-soaked fun! Round up the snorkels and goggles, the pool rings and inflatables, the water volleyball net and the noodles. Set up a hydration station poolside so guests can grab water and other drinks as they need them, and make sure to have a sunscreen area where everyone can re-apply as necessary. Keep some healthy and non-melty snacks on hand, and you’re set to make a splash!

grandfather reading a story to his grandchild with a cat

Visit with Grandparents

Spending time with grandparents – and especially great-grandparents – is a true treasure. And one of the best things about grandparents is that they have no problem going tech-free! Bring along a stack of books to read together, ask them questions about their lives growing up, and encourage your kids to share as well! Building into these cross-generational relationships is rewarding for everyone in the family.

Teenage Family Clearing Garage For Yard Sale Laughing Together

Set Up a Garage or Yard Sale

It’s time to finally get rid of that stuff – you know, the boxes of things in the attic or garage just waiting for that garage sale you never seem to have? Create a plan of action, and take a Tech-Free Tuesday to sort through everything. Get your kids involved by allowing them to find and price their own items to sell from a designated area, the proceeds of which they can keep. Break out the craft supplies to design homemade flyers to post around the neighborhood, and then set up shop on the following weekend!

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Putting the phone down and riding a horse on the trail after family dinner.”– Maura H.
  • “Watching my fiancé play softball while hanging out with family.”– Maxine L.
  • “Baseball practice with the grandkids and walking around the field.”– Julie C.
  • “Doing artwork with my kids and learning to use our microscope!” – Bonnie T.
  • “Gardening and playing board games with the kids” – Brittany S.
  • “Taking my dog to nursing homes (he’s a therapy dog) and bring joy to people’s faces.”– Amanda O.
  • “Spending more time in the barn with the kid’s show lamb projects for 4-H.” – Tami D.
  • “Playing Monopoly and Connect Four with my wonderful wife and niece!” – Joshua B.

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