The kids are back in school, which means a new weekly routine for the entire family. Why not add a couple of hours for Tech-Free Tuesdays to the weekly schedule? Whether you decide to organize a family-friendly game of trivia, create leaf prints or enjoy the last days of warm weather by dining al fresco, your family is sure to have a good time!


Play Trivia

Whether you’re the host or answering the questions, playing trivia is fun for the entire family. Create questions in advance based on your children’s favorite TV shows, movies and books. Make learning fun by throwing in a few questions created based on what your children are learning in school. As you create your trivia questions, be sure to write down the answers, so you don’t have to look them up during the game. You’ll have just as much fun coming up with questions as your family does answering them!

Make Leaf Prints

Before the leaves start to fall go on a walk with the family to collect an assortment of fresh leaves. Whether you go on a walk through the park or just through the neighborhood, you’re sure to find a beautiful assortment. Have paper and paint ready for when you return. It’s also a good idea to cover your work area with newspaper, as things could get a little messy. To make a print you’ll simply paint the leaf and flip it onto a piece of paper paint side down. Press down on the leaf for a few seconds, and then peal it back to reveal your print.

Dine Al Fresco

Before the weather gets too cold, gather your family and friends together for dinner outdoors. Have the children set the table, while you cook dinner. Or have the entire family help out with the cooking for added family fun. Your children will learn new skills and you’re sure to share a few laughs. Plus you’ll have a delicious meal to enjoy together out on the patio afterwards – what could be better?

Here’s what others around the Tri-State are doing on their Tech-Free Tuesdays:

  • “Playing corn hole and grilling out in the backyard with family! All phones and iPads are turned OFF on Tuesdays all day and all night! No TV either!” – Thomas O.
  • “I will be starting a craft club for the ‘girls’ in the family. It’s always fun to work on something like this with the family so that we can catch up and share news.” – Michelle B.
  • “Doing an hour long run if it’s not storming. Then cooking a couple meals to get me through the rest of the week.” – Andrea T.
  • “Working out at the gym with a trainer to improve both my inner and outer beauty. ” – Rachel B.
  • “Working on adult coloring books with my husband and making homemade birthday cards with my nephew!” – Bryce M.
  • “I will be shopping and having a tech-free lunch with my 18 year old twin sons to get them last minute dorm stuff and some new clothes for their freshman year! One last time to connect with them until they come home at Thanksgiving!” – Paula W.
  • “I will be spending the day with my daughter at National Night Out. Backing the Blue and appreciating our law enforcement officers and having fun. No phone, tablets, or TVs. Just good old face to face time with my community.” – Julie C.
  • “Playing kickball with my kids and the kids in the neighborhood.” – Melissa M.

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